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Gday folks, I am a Western Australian based knifemaker living in the hills of Perth, Western Australia.

I moved to Western Australia in 1981 after completing my apprenticeship as a diesel fitter from my birth place, King Island.

Growing up on a farm on King Island, knives were an everyday part of life. It was when I had a custom hand crafted bowie knife & sheath donated to my drag racing fund raising efforts by Perth based maker Max Harvey that I became more interested in custom knife making. My drag racing career started in 1989 and I retired in 1997 as Australian Top Fuel Bike Champion with my Nitro Harley. 10 years later, due to the side effects of 2 broken vertebrae in my neck from a racing crash in 1996, I was no longer able to ride bikes at all, so decided the time was right to have a go at knife making, and took to it like a duck to water after spending a day with renowned Albany based maker David Brodziak, who was very forth coming with tips and encouragement and I owe Dave many thanks for taking time to help me out.

I presently use the "stock removal" method for creating my blades, with professional heat treat done by Melbourne  based Hills Heat Treat but will very soon be learning to "forge to shape" the blades under the watchful eye of Keith Fludder, a New South Wales Bladesmith. This will also enable me to make my own "Damascus" or pattern welded blade steels where dissimilar metals are forged together and then etched to bring out the contrast between the metals. I will also then be able to heat treat my own blades resulting in a full "sole authorship" knife.

I use a range of different stainless steels, depending on what the knife is to be used for, and import billets of different patterned Damascus steel from a source in the USA. Handle materials vary from Australian hardwoods, sheep horn, stag antler, reconstituted stone to the amazing woolly mammoth tooth & ivory. Leather for sheaths include buffalo, croc, snake, barramundi, emu, shark, ostrich and toad. I generally make hunters, skinners & camp knives and have just started to do bowies, daggers & kitchen cutlery.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or enquiries and thank you for visiting my website.

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